Getting Help

Learn, collaborate or just get help with the following resources:

Resource URL Description
Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC) Find guidance, best practices and code to jump start your success.
Hortonworks Documentation Read the Hortonworks Documentation to learn about the Hortonworks Data Platform and other products & technologies used in Hortonworks Cloud.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Documentation Infrastructure web services available from Amazon.

Hortonworks Community Connection

The Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC) is a great place to ask questions, get help or learn. If you are looking to get help with this product, feel free to post questions to HCC.

How to Create a Question

Hortonworks has a "Cloud & Operations" Track in HCC. Hortonworks cloud subject matter experts are moderating the Track for questions related to this Technical Preview. When asking a question related to this Technical Preview, be sure to select the “Cloud & Operations" Track and add the following tag: hortonworks-cloud.

Hortonworks Community Connection

Ambari and HDP Documentation

After launching the cloud controller and creating a cluster, refer to the Hortonworks documentation and Apache Software Foundation documentation to administer your cluster and to start working with Apache Hive, Apache Spark, and Apache Zeppelin.

Resource Details
Hortonworks documentation

During cluster create process, Hortonworks Data Cloud automatically installs Ambari and sets up a cluster for you. After this deployment is complete, refer to the Ambari documentation and HDP documentation for help.

Hortonworks tutorials Use Hortonworks tutorials to get started with Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache Zeppelin, and more.
Apache documentation

In addition to Hortonworks documentation, refer to the Apache Software Foundation documentation to get information on specific Hadoop services.

Webinar (December 7, 2016) Learn more about the product and see a live demo. You’ll see how to quickly deploy Apache Spark and Apache Hive clusters for processing and analyzing data in the cloud.
10 Questions on HDCloud for AWSA brief capture of post-webinar Q&A.

AWS Documentation

To learn more about AWS services, refer to the following AWS documentation:

Resource Link
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Documentation
Amazon EC2 Documentation
Amazon VPC Documentation
AWS Identity and Access Management Documentation
AWS CloudFormation Documentation
AWS Lambda Documentation
Amazon S3 Documentation
Amazon RDS Documentation

AWS Tips & Tricks

This section provides some useful tips and tricks to help you use Amazon Web Services.

Tip Description
AWS Services Menu Shortcuts
Navigating between the CloudFormation and EC2, as well as other Amazon Web Services, can take some getting used to, especially if you are switching between services often. This video shows you a simple way to make menu shortcuts available in the top navigation so any service is just a click away.

EC2 Instance Security Group
Security groups are used in AWS to control network traffic to EC2 instances. They are effectively a virtual firewall. This video shows how to find and view the security group that is associated with an EC2 instance. Refer to the Amazon EC2 Security Groups documentation for more information about viewing and modifying security group rules for EC2 instances.

CloudFormation Stack Name for VPC
It's useful to know if a VPC is associated with a CloudFormation stack. You can easily add that information to the VPC table. In this video, we show how to make a menu shortcut for the VPC Service. Then we browse to the VPC Service and add the CloudFormation stack name to the columns in the VPC table.

Setting CloudFormation Rollback
In some cases, CloudFormation Create Stack fails, which causes AWS to rollback the resources created up to that point. It is useful to keep the resources around (and not rollback) to help with troubleshooting. This video shows how to set up Rollback on failure to No when creating a CloudFormation stack.