Managing and Deleting Cloud Controller

Stopping and Restarting Cloud Controller

Stopping and restarting the cloud controller is not supported.

Delete Cloud Controller

If you want to delete the cloud controller that you launched, you can do so by deleting the CloudFormation Stack for the controller.


In order to delete a cloud controller, all clusters being managed by the cloud controller must first be terminated. See Terminating for more information.

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console.

  2. Browse to the CloudFormation Management Console.

  3. From the list of Stacks, select the stack that you created for the cloud controller.

  4. Choose Actions and then Delete Stack.

  5. Click Yes, Delete when prompted.

    Once the stack delete process begins, you cannot abort. The Stack Name is shown in the table with a DELETE_IN_PROGRESS status.

  6. The delete process can take a few minutes and once done, you will see DELETE_COMPLETE.

Learn More

Refer to the AWS CloudFormation documentation for more information on managing and deleting stacks.