Update Cloudbreak Deployer

To update Cloudbreak Deployer to the newest version, run the following commands on the console where your Profile is located.

We recommend that you back up the Cloudbreak databases before upgrading. Refer to Dump and Restore Database.

  1. Stop all of the running Cloudbreak components:

    cbd kill

  2. Update Cloudbreak Deployer:

    cbd update

  3. Update the docker-compose.yml file with new Docker containers needed for the cbd:

    cbd regenerate

  4. If there are no other Cloudbreak instances that still use old Cloudbreak versions, remove the obsolete containers:

    cbd util cleanup

  5. Check the health and version of the updated cbd:

    cbd doctor

  6. Start the new version of the cbd:

    cbd start

    Cloudbreak needs to download updated docker images for the new version, so this step may take a while.

Update Existing Clusters

Upgrading from version 1.4.0 to newer versions (1.5.0 or 1.6.0) doesn't require any manual modification from the users.

If Cloudbreak has been updated from 1.3.0 to 1.4.0 version then existing clusters need to be updated to be still managable through Cloudbreak. To update existing clusters from 1.3.0 to 1.4.0 or newer versions, run the following commands on the cbgateway node of the cluster:

salt '*' cmd.run 'curl -Ls https://github.com/hortonworks/salt-bootstrap/releases/download/v0.1.2/salt-bootstrap_0.1.2_Linux_x86_64.tgz | tar -zx -C /usr/sbin/ salt-bootstrap'
salt '*' service.dead salt-bootstrap

NOTE Checking the version of the Salt-Bootsrap on the nodes:

salt '*' cmd.run 'salt-bootstrap --version'

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