Cloudbreak Shell

The Cloudbreak Shell is an interactive command line tool which supports:

Install and Start Cloudbreak Shell

Install Cloudbreak shell using one of the following options:

Install Cloudbreak Shell Using Cloudbreak Deployer

Start the shell with cbd util cloudbreak-shell. This will launch the Cloudbreak shell inside a Docker container, and you can start using it.

Use Our Prepared Docker image

You can find the docker image and its documentation here.

Build from Source

If want to use the code or extend it with new commands, follow the steps below.

Prerequisites: JDK 1.8.

Execute the folowing commands:

git clone
cd cloudbreak/shell
../gradlew clean build

Note: If you use the hosted version of Cloudbreak, use to get the right version of the CLI.

Start Cloudbreak-shell from the build source using:

  java -jar cloudbreak-shell-0.5-SNAPSHOT.jar                  : Starts Cloudbreak Shell in interactive mode.
  java -jar cloudbreak-shell-0.5-SNAPSHOT.jar --cmdfile=<FILE> : Cloudbreak executes commands read from the file.

  --cloudbreak.address=<http[s]://HOSTNAME:PORT>  Address of the Cloudbreak Server [default:].
  --identity.address=<http[s]://HOSTNAME:PORT>    Address of the SequenceIQ identity server [default:].
  --sequenceiq.user=<USER>                        Username of the SequenceIQ user [default:].
  --sequenceiq.password=<PASSWORD>                Password of the SequenceIQ user [default: password].

Note: You should specify at least your username and password.

Once you are connected, you can create a cluster. Use hint if you get lost or need guidance through the process. Use TAB for completion.

Note: All commands are context-aware, which means that they are available only when they are relevant. This way the system guides you nad keeps you on the right path.

Connect Cloudbreak Shell with a Remote Cloudbreak Instance

Prerequisites: Docker is installed and running on the local machine

  1. Execute cbd util cloudbreak-shell-remote on the remote host.
  2. Execute the result of the previous command on the local machine.


For complete documentation of the Cloudbreak shell, see Cloudbreak github repository.

For Provider-specific Documentation, see:

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