Release Notes

The Release Notes document describes new features and fixes incorporated in this version of Cloudbreak.

New Features

There are no new features.

Fixes & Changes

This release include the following changes:

Refer to the Change Log for a full list of changes.

Technical Preview

This release includes the following Technical Preview features and improvements:

Feature Description
Custom Images Technical Preview Ability to set custom images. See Cloud Images for more information.
AWS: Spot Pricing Technical Preview Support for configuring Spot Price with resource templates.
Mesos Technical Preview Support for Mesos cloud provider. See Mesos for more information.
Kerberos Technical Preview Support for enabling Kerberos on the HDP clusters deployed by Cloudbreak. See Kerberos for more information.
Platforms Technical Preview Support for defining Platforms to relate different configurations together. See Platforms for more information.
Ambari Database Technical Preview Support for using an external database for Ambari. See Ambari Database for more information.
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