Although Cloudbreak lets you provision Hadoop clusters in the cloud from Ambari blueprints, Cloudbreak built-in provisioning doesn't contain all possible use cases. For that reason, we introduced recipes.

A recipe is a script extension to a cluster that runs on all nodes before or after the Ambari cluster installation. For example, you can use a recipe to put a JAR file on the Hadoop classpath. Recipes are uploaded and stored in Cloudbreak through the web UI or shell.

The easiest way to create a custom recipe is to:

Adding Recipes

To add recipe via the web UI, in the manage recipes section, choose create new recipe. Next, select either SCRIPT or FILE type plugin and fill in required fields.

To add recipe via shell, use the following command:

recipe create --name [recipe-name] --type [PRE|POST] --scriptFile /path/of/the/recipe-script

This command has optional parameters:

--description "string" description of the recipe

--scriptUrl "string" remote location of the recipe

--publicInAccount "flag" flags if the recipe is public in the account

Sample Recipe for Yum Proxy Setting

We've created a sample recipe that can be used to set proxy for yum:

cat >> /etc/yum.conf <<ENDOF

You can add this recipe to hostgroups:

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