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Options for Getting Help

If you need help with Cloudbreak, you have two options:

Option Description
Hortonworks Community Connection This is free optional support via Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC).
Hortonworks Flex Support Subscription This is paid Hortonworks enterprise support.


You can optionally register for optional free community support at Hortonworks Community Connection where you can browse articles and previously answered questions, and ask questions of your own. When posting questions related to Cloudbreak, make sure to use the "Cloudbreak" tag.

Flex Subscription

You can optionally use your existing Hortonworks Flex subscription(s) to cover the Cloudbreak node and all clusters created.

Prerequisites: You must have an existing SmartSense ID and a Flex subscription. For general information about the Hortonworks Flex Support Subscription, visit the Hortonworks Support page at

The general steps are:

  1. Configure Smart Sense in your Profile file.
  2. Register your Flex subscription in the Cloudbreak web UI in the the manage flex subscriptions pane. You can register and manage multiple Flex subscriptions.

Once you've performed these steps:

Alternatively, you can perform these steps using the Cloudbreak Shell.

Configuring SmartSense

To configure SmartSense in Cloudbreak, enable SmartSense and add your SmartSense ID to the Profile by adding the following variables:


For example:

export CB_SMARTSENSE_ID=A-00000000-C-00000000

You can do this in one of the two ways:

SmartSense ID defined in the Profile file always overrides the ID registered via Cloudbreak Shell.

Managing Flex Subscriptions

Once you log in to the Cloudbreak web UI, you can manage your Flex subscriptions from the manage flex subscriptions pane. You can:

When creating a cluster using the advanced options, in the CONFIGURE CLUSTER > Flex Subscriptions, you can select the Flex subscription that you want to use.

Managing SmartSense and Flex Subscriptions via Cloudbreak Shell

Configuring SmartSense via Cloudbreak Shell

  1. Enable SmartSense in the Profile by adding the following variable:


  2. You can use Cloudbreak Shell to configure SmartSense subscription on the fly. For example, to register a SmartSense ID A-00000000-C-00000000 use:

    smartsense register --subscriptionId A-00000000-C-00000000

    SmartSense ID defined in the Profile file always overrides the ID registered via Cloudbreak Shell.

Managing SmartSense via Cloudbreak Shell

Register SmartSense subscription:

smartsense register --subscriptionId A-00000000-C-00000000

Describe already registered SmartSense subscription:

smartsense describe

Delete SmartSense subscription:

smartsense delete --subscriptionId A-00000000-C-00000000

Managing Flex Subscriptions via Cloudbreak Shell

Register Flex subscription:

flex register --name my-flex-subscription --subscriptionId FLEX-0123456789

List already registered Flex subscriptions:

flex list

Describe an existing Flex subscription:

flex show --name my-flex-subscription

Set Flex subscription as default:

flex set-default --name my-flex-subscription

Use Flex subscription for Cloudbreak instance:

flex use-for-controller --name my-flex-subscription

Delete Flex subscription:

flex delete --name my-flex-subscription
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